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We strongly recommend participants to register online through the conference registration system. For more details,please click here to download the Registration Instructions.
If you have made a conference-only registration and wish to upgrade it to a conference & workshops registration, please send an email to
ICSDM2015@ fzu.edu.cn.The extra fee will be paid on site.

Registration Fee:

A. Main conference

CategoryEarly Bird
Before May 30, 2015

Regular Rate
After May 30, 2015
Before July 9, 2015

IEEE Members US$ 460 (2800 RMB) US$ 520 (3200 RMB)
None IEEE Members US$ 590 (3600 RMB) US$ 640 (3900 RMB)
IEEE Student Members US$ 330 (2000 RMB) US$ 370 (2280 RMB)
Student Non-Members US$ 370 (2280 RMB) US$ 420 (2600 RMB)
Additional Paper fee (Authors Presenting Multiple Papers) or accompanying member US$ 200 (1300 RMB)

Registration fee include Opening ceremony, closing ceremony, keynote speeches, paper sessions, reception, banquet , refreshment, three lunch coupons on July 8-10,2015, conference proceedings, program booklet and Address list.

New! Papers over 6 pages of length limit will be charged US$100(600 RMB) per extra page. If your paper is over the length limit, pay this fee together with the registration fee.


.Authors: At least one author of an accepted paper must register for the conference by July 8th, 2015, otherwise the paper will not be included in neither the proceedings nor the conference program.
.Students: Please provide proof of full-time student status.

B. Authors presenting mulitple papers

It is the IEEE policy to require the registration of at least one author per paper. However, the ICSDM 2015 organizers have reached the following compromise trying to accommodate the new policy while not penalizing authors of multiple papers unduly:

It is acceptable to have a co-author register for a paper even if another co-author will present it. In this way, if author A has paper 6 and 12 and he is presenting both papers, it is OK for A to register for paper 5 and for another co-author who will also attend the conference to register for paper 10 even if A will present both papers 6 and 12. However, if one author is registering to present multiple papers without any coauthor attending, there will be an additional fee of 200 US$ per additional paper that single person will present.

In this case, the author should first register regularly for the first paper, then do another registration for the additional paper by choosing Additional Paper fee in the registration category through the conference registration system. Please note that one registration can only include ONE paper, each additional paper has to be registered again by choosing Additional Paper fee category (200 US$).

C. Extra Conference Proceedings. ( 900 Yuan RMB per copy excluding postage)

D. Extra Conference Banquet. ( 120 Yuan RMB per ticket for regular members, 80 Yuan RMB per ticket for student )

E. Authors with Abstract only. ( 1600 Yuan RMB )

Way of Payment:

A.Bank Transfer

The bank account for the conference is as follows:

Way of Payment by Foreign Guests
Account NO. 1402029109341002562
Postal Code  
Beneficiary's Name FUZHOU UNIVERSITY
Beneficiary's Address 
Way of Payment by Domestic Guests
Banker Name 中国工商银行福建省福州凤凰支行
Account NO. 1402013409008800551 
Banker Address  
Postal Code  
Beneficiary's Name 福州大学
Beneficiary's Address  
Remark: Please fill in the remark of the remittance bill as follows:" ICSDM 2015, SIRC, Your name and affiliation . ";请在转账附言中注明:" ICSDM 2015, SIRC, 您的单位和姓名 . "

On-site Registration

Participants who opt for paying at the registration desk must pay with one of the following credit cards or by cash:

  • VISA
  • Master Card, or
  • American Express

The registration booth will open on July 7-8, 2015.

Off-line Registration:

If you have problems using the on-line registration system, please download one of the following forms, fill in the details, and send it to ICSDM 2015, according to the instructions at the end of the form.

Registration Form (PDF)

Registration Form (Word)

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