>>>Keynote Speakers -Dr. Chenghu Zhou

Urban Computation and Dynamics

Abstract: City is a place of intensive gathering and interaction among the material flows, energy flows, human flows and information flows. As the development of urban sensor web, more and more real-time data about all the flows are collected to describe the status of city operation and management. All these data need to be processed in deep to reveal the dynamic behaviors. Therefore urban computation shows up in the academic circle. Urban computation is based on the fundamental principles of urban science such as spatial interaction, urban flow space, and supported by the high performance computation such as parallel processing, GUP/CPU computation. Through the urban computation, more and more the behaviors will be revealed. Urban dynamics is becoming a hot research topic in urban science. Flow space is coming up as a key word in urban studies. The fusion of urban computation and urban dynamics is called up, being a frontier of urban studies.

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