>>>Keynote Speakers -Dr. Wenzhong Shi

A Preliminary Discussion on Spatial Data Science

Abstract:  This talk presents my recent thinking on one possible significantly important scientific development direction of Geographic Information Science and Remote Sensing: toward Spatial Data Science (SDS).Basically, SDS can be regarded as a science which discovers spatiotemporal information and knowledge based on spatial data, for example satellite images, maps, CCTV or any other spatial data. Before it can be formally regarded as a science, we need to answer the following basic problems on SDS: Definition of SDS, Fundamental scientific problems of SDS, Methodologies of SDS, Foundational theories that support SDS, Application areas of SDS. The fundamental scientific issues to be addressed by SDS include: a) spatial knowledge mining, b) Spatiotemporal regularity discovery and explanation, and c) spatiotemporal prediction of natural and social phenomena. The natural of SDS is multi-disciplinary. The theories and technologies which can potentially contribute to SDS may include, but not limited to, Geo-smart sensors, Internet of Things, remote sensing, photogrammetry and computer vision, spatial database and geographic information systems, Geo-Statistics, computing science, pattern recognition and machine learning for satellite images and CCTV images, spatial analysis and spatial data mining, and geo-visual analytics. SDS will have significant impact on both natural and social sciences. SDS has the potential of be a fundamental theory that can potential widely applied to many areas, for example, smart city, digital earth, national geographic state monitoring, sustainable development, environmental studies, health care.


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